Improve Customer Return Visits

Craft Beer Updates uses your regular activities to improve customer return visits and brand awareness. So you can focus on delivering awesome products and service.

Improve return visits

Craft Beer Updates uses your regular activities to communicate with your customers, it removes repetitive tasks and reduces costs.

DRIVE MORE RETURN VISITS AND REFERRALS to your pub, restaurant, tap room, brewery and bar.

We can help if your regular activities include:

Update Menus Events Offers and communicate

We automate the process of communicating, influencing return visits and building your brand. A simple update to your menu, event or special offers causes Craft Beer Updates to jump into action. We create menus for printing in house, update your web site, send updates via SMS to your followers and post to social media.

Some benefits include:

Go at your speed

Our platform moves at your speed. Start by using our predefined menu templates to print your specials and we will host them on our web site.

Ready to up your brand game? We can customize printed menus, event lists & special offers, send data to your web site and social accounts.  Use your tone of voice for SMS communications and white label.

White Label? Thats right, we get out of the way so your customers don’t even know about us. Your return visits are on the rise and you are moving now!

Data is at your fingertips

You want to see how things are working, you need the data!

We show you how often subscribers are engaging and responding to your offers and have an automated system to respond to their requests.

With this information you can determine which menus, events or other factors best influence a return visit. They like you, keep them coming back.

No Installation

Entirely cloud-based and requires only a computer and an internet connection.

Unlimited Users

One fee covers everyone. Easily share platform access with anyone in any organization.

Continuous Improvements

New releases are automatically made available to you at no additional cost.

Available Plans

New Business

You have other things to do
$ 19
  • Manage and send Tap menu updates to SMS Subscribers
  • Dedicated SMS Number
  • Publish Tap menu updates on our website

Growing Business

Level Up
$ 59
  • All New Business Plan features, plus...
  • Adding Food menu & Event management and sending updates to SMS Subscribers
  • Print your Tap & Food menus plus Event information.
  • Publish your Tap, Food, Event information for other uses; Social Media, Web Sites, commercial printing...

Master Marketer

Focus on your brand
$ 159
  • All Growing Business Plan features, plus...
  • Print Tap, Food menus and Events with your layout and branding
  • Your tone and voice for all subscriber language
  • Customized SMS URL branding
  • Analytics reporting to measure marketing effectiveness, reach, engagement to create specialized campaigns.

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